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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I'm not proud of a lot of things about myself. I don't like the way I'm built, I don't like the way my nose is shaped, I don't like that my pinkies are crooked. The only thing that I am really proud of is my hair. I take such good care of my hair and I get a ton of compliments on the icy/silvery color of my hair. I'm told constantly by random people how much they love my hair. "How much did you pay for your hair to look like that?" "How often do you color your hair?" "What products do you use?" etc. I totally love the attention because, lets face it, my hair game is bangin'. I actually don't color my hair this platinum color. I get my hair dyed blonde, and I tone it myself. My stylist does some toning, but it doesn't last very long for whatever reason. I tone my hair with this amazing purple shampoo that I found on Instagram. I can't remember the exact context of the post that I saw or what even the point of the video was, but the product was called "No Yellow Shampoo" and I was instantly thinking "Okay. You have my attention. Please tell me more." So what I found was that this purple shampoo that looks as thick as molasses and smells like SweetTarts will tone your blonde hair into gorgeous silver-blonde hues. I've used purple shampoos before to help keep that ugly brass color out of my blonde, but I haven't found a shampoo that made my hair this gorgeous "Elsa from Frozen" color.

I preach about this shampoo so frequently both on social media and in person that a representative of the product, Teena from Fanola, reached out to me and sent me a box filled with full-size Fanola products. And y'all, when I say filled I mean FILLED. I have never felt more accomplished in my life.. that may be sad.. I don't know.. but I still got a $300 value box of products that I am obsessed with. Fast forward to yesterday where this same company that I am the biggest fan of *channels Donald Trump* No one is a bigger fan of Fanola than me. *unchannels Donald Trump* made me an affiliate officially. They've given me a discount code before, but now it's officially official. Ya girl is getting PAID YALL. I only receive a little-bitty bit of commission when someone uses my code (KENZEEHUTCH at check btw) but you guys, this is the dream. My favorite hair products brand is sending me products for free, and is paying me when I get people on the Fanola bandwagon.

Now you guys know me. I wouldn't bullsh*t you. I would not go on and on about a product that I did not swear by. I absolutely SWEAR. BY. THIS. PRODUCT!! And not just the NoYellow, all of their products are banging. They have products for curly hair, colored hair, frizzy hair, brunettes, etc. and everything smells so damn good. So now is my time so share the love and the hair love by giving you the link to a bunch of their discounted products.

So.. Click this link. Buy some stuff. Use the code KENZEEHUTCH at checkout to save yourself 10%.

Love ya.


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