8 ways to self care during quarantine

We've reached day.. oh gosh... I don't even know anymore of quarantine due to the pandemic, COVID-19. If you're like me you're probably running out of things to watch on Netflix and are ready to do something drastic to your hair. Hear me out - PUT. THE. SCISSORS. DOWN! Before you give yourself bangs or ruin your hair with Walmart hair color, lets think of something constructive to do for self care! The following 8 items are things that you can do to help maintain self care in a time of our lives where you may feel like you have no control.

1. Complete a project

Have the tools to finish a project that you haven’t had time to complete? Now is your chance! Re-paint your bedroom, hang those shelves you bought last year and never had the time to put up, or finish that book finally! If you don’t have the tools or supplies necessary for your project, stores such as Target and Menards offer drive-up services where you can order limited supplies on your phone and pick it up usually within a few hours. Use this time to channel some creativity or to be productive!

2. Stick to a routine

Set an alarm, shower, get dressed, etc. even if it’s to do nothing. This is especially helpful for those who are fortunate enough to work at home. Simply sticking to a routine can help productivity and overall make you feel better!

3. Declutter/organize/clean

Go through clothes you no longer wear, clean out your car/purse, clean your makeup brushes/beauty sponges A clean space is easier to think in and reduces anxiety and allows you to focus on other things

4. Take a break from the news

Stay informed, but take a break. The news will be there when you return, but take a break from the craziness to enjoy a walk around the block while practicing safe social distancing of course.

5. Learn Something new

Use this opportunity to learn something new! This is the time to practice things you've never had the time to do! If you want to learn how to do better makeup watch some Youtube videos and learn how to contour or apply false eyelashes. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Download an app and get started! Want to create a skincare routine? It's finally time! Have you always been interested in starting Yoga but didn't know where to start? Get to it, girl! There's never been a better time than now to learn something you have put off for lack of freetime!

6. Take a nap

Don’t feel like you need to be doing something every second of every day. Some days there's nothing to do and if you want to take a nap then take a nap!

7. Get nasty

While you still should shower, use this opportunity to take some days from washing and styling your hair! Let it air dry and do it’s thing on its own. Your hair needs a break from heated tools and since you have nowhere to go, let it get a little dirty for a few days! After all, it’s good for it!

8. Manage your mental health

While most healthcare offices are only seeing clients in the event of an emergency, remember to keep your virtual appointments. I still meet with my therapist every other Monday like I would normally, but now I view her through a virtual appointment. Keep taking any medication you’ve been prescribed by your doctors and remember to reach out if you need any medications replaced. The quarantine and isolation can stir up feelings of depression and anxiety. Please reach out if you are struggling! Someone will be available to speak with you. Call your friends and family, video chat with them when you can so you can physically see someone else. We are all in this together!

Hang in there!



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