10 Tips for Brides from a Professional Makeup Artist

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

It's finally here! You're getting married! Congratulations! By now you've gone through all of the trials and tribulations that come along with planning a wedding from picking your dream dress, narrowing down your wedding party, and trying to stay on budget! Almost everything is done, now you need to think about your makeup and makeup artist! I've been doing makeup professionally for five years and here are some tips I've compiled to help brides on their big day!

1. Do your research!

There are a lot of people out there claiming to be makeup artists. Please please PLEASE read reviews and do your research when picking your makeup artist. Finding someone reputable and knowledgeable for bridal makeup is so important for your big day. Choose someone who knows what kind of makeup photographs best, works best for the climate in which you will be married, and can produce quality results for you and your wedding party.

2. Communicate with your MUA

Once you book your makeup artist (MUA) be sure to communicate your vision for your big day! How do you picture yourself looking walking down the aisle? What kind of makeup are you wearing? These are important questions to think about when you picture your bridal look. Pinterest can be a wonderful asset for brides who are not quite sure what they want when it comes to their bridal makeup. Keep in mind that images found on Pinterest can be heavily photoshopped and what may look good on one bride may not be the right look for you and that is okay! A reputable MUA will make suggestions based on what they think will look best on you as well as what is appropriate for your bridal session based on photography, theme, and season. Have a plan for what you are wanting done for both you and your wedding party. This will alleviate much-unneeded stress.

3. Start Your Skincare Regimen Early

Great skin starts long before the day of your wedding! It's never too early to consider your skin regimen when planning your wedding. Glowing and gorgeous skin can be achievable for a bride who is willing to put in the work. Skincare begins at home and doesn't have to be difficult. Invest in a good moisturizer suitable for your skin type for morning and nighttime. The Laneige sleeping mask is a product that I have used for three years and keeps my face moisturized and glowy! Brides should also add exfoliating to their regime to remove dead skin that can make brides look dull in photos. You want to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on your wedding day, not dry and dull! Speaking of bright-eyed, consider adding an eye cream to your routine to eliminate dark circles and puffiness and keep you looking radiant on your wedding day.Go ahead and splurge on that facial! You're worth it!

4. Arrive on Time

This seems like a no-brainer now, but sometimes on your wedding day things can go off the rails. A huge pet-peeve of mine is running late! A well-planned wedding runs like a tight ship and needs to stay on track for everyone! If one element of the day runs behind that affects everything behind it. As a makeup artist, I prefer to have enough time to do each client's makeup and make changes if needed. If the party is running 20 minutes behind that can throw off the entire morning and create more stress for the bride on what is supposed to be a wonderful experience. Come prepared, do your best to be on time, and delegate any responsibilities to someone else if possible!

5. Keep a "Go Bag" for touch-ups

Consider keeping a touch-up bag with you on your wedding day. This can be useful to re-apply your lipstick after dinner, blotting papers to soak up sweat and natural oils, a compact of pressed translucent powder to touch up your makeup, and a travel-sized setting spray such as the Mario Badescu facial spray or the Milani Make it last setting spray. I also recommend keeping a travel pack of facial tissues, waterproof mascara, small blush options, and quick-drying eyelash glue such as the DUO brush-on lash adhesive. These products can help maintain your wedding makeup and help it last through a night of dancing with a few quick and easy touch-up options!

6. Stay hydrated!!

I once read that humans are like plants with more complicated emotions and that always made me laugh because it's true. Drink plenty of water leading up to your big day! Staying hydrated can fix several issues that a bride can run across before her wedding. It is recommended that for great skin, brides need to drink three liters of water a day a least two weeks before the wedding and the results will show. Dehydration can make skin look dull and can enhance the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. If you aren't already, start drinking your water! You'll thank yourself later!

7. Consider Avoiding Dark Eye makeup

As cute as Pinterest can make it look, most MUA's will recommend avoiding dark eye makeup for bridal makeup. Smokey eyes can still be done for brides, but a reputable makeup artist will recommend using more natural tones versus the darker browns and blacks. In bridal makeup these colors can become too intense and take away from the bridal look and otherwise work as a distraction in photos. Ultimately, it is our job to make the client happy, but it is also our job to use our knowledge to advise the brides on what will look best on them and give them the best results for their wedding day as well as in their photographs.

8. Go for the false eyelashes

While most clients come to their appointments open-minded, some have very strong opinions towards false lashes. Whether you use strip lashes, individual lashes, or lash extensions it is my opinion that to have a full bridal look brides need to consider adding false lashes to their bridal makeup. False lashes can bring out the eyes and look fantastic in wedding photos. Even if you have long lashes you may need thicker lashes or vice versa. Most MUA's will bring several lash options for brides and bridal parties that will suit each client depending on what they need. For brides that would like to bring their false lashes I recommend lashes with thin bands as they are more comfortable for eye movement and look more natural. My favorite lashes include the demi-wispies, wispies, and 113 black wispies from Ardell. Ardell is a wonderful and affordable brand that when handled with care can be worn several times before needing to be thrown away.

9. Book Early

Brides are now booking their MUA's asap! If you are getting married during peak wedding season (April-June, August-October) consider booking your appointment with a makeup artist as soon as you can. These months can book up completely very quickly and your options can become limited just as fast. Don't wait too long and lose your spot!

10. Relax and experience the celebrity treatment

For most of us, we only get finite opportunities to feel like celebrities in our adult lives. Use this opportunity to sit back, relax, and let someone else pamper you. Brides can get caught up in the stress and emotion of the wedding processes and forget to take the time to realize what's important: Marrying the love of your life. The service I provide is the perfect opportunity to laugh and enjoy your final hours before becoming a married woman and spending that time getting glam with your best friends and family. Enjoy every moment, don't overthink it, keep calm, and get down the aisle.



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